essence 022 – Corpusculum ‎– Parent Et Capra

Previously released on CD by Tenebrae Sumus Records, which was limited to 25 copies.
Release contains both demo’s “Year of the goat”, released in 2015 and “Bagabi Laca Bachabe”, released in 2017.










essence 029 – Inverted Pentagram – Conspiracy at the gates of chaos

Re-release of the first Inverted Pentagram demo from 1992.
Very raw classic.










essence 028 – Vluum – Kill nature…

Doom Black Metal dealing with the existential problems of industrialization and the inevitable demise of humanity.











essence 027 – Burning Relic – Fire From Above

A homage to the perishing human race in war through human sacrifice.
Raw and ferocious.

Intellectus Iudicat Veritatem.









essence 026 – AIKEIMD – Na de stilte komt de hel

AIKEIMD is a lamentation of mental torment, making raw Black Metal to vent the purposeless of all.

Life is a lie. Nothing and no one matters.










essence 025 – Zwartketterij / Inverted Cross – Live Torment Hell

Combination of old live recordings.
Kult Thrash Black Metal band Zwartketterij provides a recording of Live Torture Stage, Nijmegen 2003.

Inverted Cross is a combination of recordings from Flagellating Flanders at Torture fest 2007 as well as some bonus live rehearsal tracks from 2005







essence 024 – Duyvelspecht – De verzenen tegen de prikkels slaan

Three years of isolation after the first demo, Duyvelspecht – De verzenen tegen de prikkels slaan is once again the result of repetitive self-inflicted loneliness.
Duyvelspecht is nobody. Nobody is Duyvelspecht.

This tape is dedicated to STRID








essence 023 – Toorvond – Vlakten

After the release of the 2017 demo, this project has kept quiet, yet recordings for a fulllength release were already undertaken in 2017 and early 2018. Now, after a long wait, the first fulllength will finally be presented to the world. Following the footsteps set out on the short demo, Toorvond offers raw yet very melodic Black Metal, dealing with seasonal changes and its reflections on the condition of humankind.






essence 022 – Inverted Pentagram – The Sphere of Anu

The ressurrection of Anu is here.
This strange demo from 1997 was re-issued with new artwork in collaboration with Zwaertgevegt. 

Note that these will not be the standard usual black tapes, but dubbed tapes, with stickers.








essence 021 – Deinonychus – Promo ´93

Re-issue of the legendary 1993 demo, paying homage to one of The Netherlands oldest bands still in existence.











essence 020 – Malefic Oath – The land where Evil dwells

Re-issue of the 1992 demo. Raw, mental, old-school Black Metal.
For fans of Bestial Summoning.










essence 019 – Wandelaars – De archieven. 2014-2017

Originally released as limited edition of only 25 copies, this compilation is now rereleased, now including the scarcely spread ‘Het gloren van de dooi’ EP.
Raw Atmospheric Black Metal inspired by nature, autumn and winter. Reminiscent of the Blazebirth Hall sound, Sanguine Eagle, and the like.








essence 018 – Vengeful Spirit – Demo I – Yurei

Awakening for the first time, the two entities behind this project have stumbled upon spirits in various areas of the globe and within the soul itself.
Their first commemoration deals with the Japanese Yurei, Yodokai and Onryo, audible in their combination of melodic bass and unrelentingly raw guitar work.
Raw Black Metal for those spirits Vengeful.







essence 017 – Wandelaars – Beschouwingen Eener Winterlandschap, In Drie Hoofdstukken 

This recording was salvaged from oblivion by pure chance. Originally recorded somewhere between 2015 and 2017.
Delivering a sound as if a lost and strayed soul chants for an answer in a blizzard.








essence 016 – Gauhaert – Ygwaet Gwyr Gwynn Novi

Raw, hypnotizing, Druidic, Celtic Folk Black Metal.
Contains members of Urfaust and Grimm.
Recorded in 2005, this cult classic finally saw the light again on cassette, remastered, with new artwork.









essence 014 – Ymesh – Let Them Be Naïve

Long forgotten recordings from 2004 and 2005 from one of the most disturbing projects from The Netherlands now finally seeing the light of day. A horrid mix of Raw Black Metal and Industrial sounds. Hymns for the mentally disturbed.
“Mental illness is a blessing upon mankind”.









essence 013 – Realglaube – Erfahrungen

Raw, yet melodic and atmospheric Black Metal thematically dealing with the philosophies of German philosopher Friedrich Heinrich Jacobi. Project of R.v.R. (Seer’s Fire, Cer, Wandelaars and Toorvond).










essence 012 – Arjen/Eeuwig – Gateway to the Monolith of Dreams

coverSplit between the chaotic Arjen from Bosnia and the disgusting Eeuwig from The Netherlands

Both murmur in their own native tongues and deliver you a mix of fast-paced chaotic music combined with lingering, furious and depressive tunes.

Listen Arjen
Listen Eeuwig







essence 011 – Belphegor – Daemonolatria

coverRe-release of the old Dutch masterpiece

A Belphegor that is actually good
Sick vocals, raw bass old school Black Metal
New artwork, better sound quality









essence 010 – Corpusculum – Saducismus triumphatus


Re-release of the old Dutch cult act Corpusculum
New artwork, better sound quality











essence 009 – Corpusculum – Echidna


Re-release of the old Dutch cult act Corpusculum.
Songs taken from the 1992 split with Satanic Death










essence 008 – Irae/Black Command – The Immortal Circle of the Adversary


Split between Portugese Irae and the Dutch Black Command.
Also released on CD at The Ritual Productions


Listen Irae
Listen Black Command








essence 007 – Weemoed – Droommoord

Weemoed Full-Length of Dutch Melancholic Black (Metal) Art

Weemoed combines all emotions in one piece.
Tranquility, insanity, both comfortable and uncomfortable feelings and more








essence 005 – Vazal – Woestenij

First spawn after the rebirth of Kaladruna.
After 8 years of silence the old Dutch masters of Vazal comes with a new cassette containing old and new material.

Co-released with Zwaertgevegt records.